Cocktail Sip Straw Clear 5 1/2" (Box of 1000) * CLEARANCE

  • Cocktail Sip Straw Clear 5 1/2" 
  • Box of 1000 
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Global stocks a wide variety of drinking straws. Straws serve several purposes; they look great in cocktails, make it easy for kids to enjoy their drinks, and if you leave them on the bar the customer can use them to stir their drinks.

We supply everything from 8 inch black or clear flexi straws for glasses, assorted bendy straws which are perfect for sipping from bottles (both of which come in boxes of 250), to 10.5 inch Alcopop straws in boxes of 300, and every other type between. We also stock the Memphis-style and Fappe slim straws, and straw dispensers.