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  1. Saxon 9oz (26cl) Wine
    NOW £30.24 (ex VAT) £36.29 (inc VAT) WAS £40.80 (ex VAT) £48.96 (inc VAT)
    Pack Quantity: 48
    £0.63 Per Unit (ex VAT)
    SKU: GL0852
  2. Saxon 12oz (34cl) Wine
    NOW £42.72 (ex VAT) £51.26 (inc VAT) WAS £56.64 (ex VAT) £67.97 (inc VAT)
    Pack Quantity: 48
    £0.89 Per Unit (ex VAT)
    SKU: GL0854
  3. Saxon 12oz (34cl) Goblet 125,175,250ml CE
    NOW £60.00 (ex VAT) £72.00 (inc VAT) WAS £79.68 (ex VAT) £95.62 (inc VAT)
    Pack Quantity: 48
    £1.25 Per Unit (ex VAT)
    SKU: GL0858
  4. Saxon Flute 5.25oz 15cl
    NOW £34.56 (ex VAT) £41.47 (inc VAT) WAS £46.08 (ex VAT) £55.30 (inc VAT)
    Pack Quantity: 48
    £0.72 Per Unit (ex VAT)
    SKU: GL0856
  5. Saxon 7oz Wine Plain
    NOW £28.32 (ex VAT) £33.98 (inc VAT) WAS £37.44 (ex VAT) £44.93 (inc VAT)
    Pack Quantity: 48
    £0.59 Per Unit (ex VAT)
    SKU: GL0850


We have over one hundred different types of glassware in stock to choose from at Global FSE, from the fine crystal wine glasses to basic bar glassware, we have the largest selection of glassware online in the UK for the catering and domestic marketplace to pick from.

Plastic Glasses

Our range of plastic glassware is perfect for bars, pubs and clubs working with large volumes of customers. Perfect for eliminating the health and safety risks associated with traditional glassware, plastic glasses extremely durable and easily transportable around the working environment – making them perfect for many establishments today.

Wine Glasses

With 33 ranges of wine glasses to choose from, we provide high quality glassware to both the commercial and domestic market. With ranges ideal for pubs, restaurants, hotels and catering companies; our wine glasses have proven to be extremely popular with businesses across the country and abroad.

Hi Ball Glasses and Tumbler Glasses

Hi Balls and Tumbler glasses are the industry standard for serving all drinks at the bar with the exception of draught beers and wine. Suitable not only for bars and pubs, but also for hotel hospitality and catering; this glassware is the most commonly used glass for many businesses in the commercial market.

Beer Glasses

With such a wide range of beer glasses to choose from, we have a solution ideal for every business. From traditional pub glassware, to contemporary ‘chalice’ style and pilsner glasses, we have a style of beer glass perfect for every type of draught and bottled beer on the market.

Cocktail Glasses

With cocktails becoming increasingly popular in bars in recent years, finding attractive glassware to serve them in has become more and more important. As many customers purchase cocktails after seeing other clientele drinking them, it is important to make them as stylish and attractive as possible to entice extra sales.

Shooter Glasses and Shot Glasses

Joining the rise of popularity of cocktails are shooters and shots, with many bars and clubs also selling a variety of shots in different flavours. We have a great range of shooter glasses to select from with many fun and chic designs to blend into the current styles of your glassware.

Irish Coffee Glasses & Liquer Coffee Glasses

We have twelve stunning designs of Irish/Liqueur Coffee glasses in stock at Global FSE, made to be heat resistant with thicker glass. This style of glassware is now commonly used for lattes and other coffees too, so they are a great addition to any business serving hot drinks.

Sundae Dishes

Perfect for serving flamboyant desserts, our range of glass sundae dishes are ideal for establishments serving ice creams, soufflés and sorbets. All our sundae glassware range is dishwasher safe too, so they are perfect for any business.

Global Foodservice Equipment are one of the leading independent catering equipment distributors in the UK. If you cannot find what you are looking for or need any further assistance please don't hesitate to call our sales team on 01189 454656